Niche Edits

I “new” seo promotional phrase that is going around is the term niche edits. I see SEOs claiming that using niche edits is allowing them to rank for super competitive terms. I have even seen sellers of niche edits brag about how they were able to rank for terms like Backlink package in just a few short months. Based on my SEO experience these keywords have very little volume and seem very easy to compete for.

So I thought I would test out how difficult it would be to rank for the term Niche Edits. I plan on putting almost no work or effort into ranking for this term. I am not using any fancy software like Core or POP. I am simply creating a short article on an old SEO domain that I own and have done anything with for years.

If you are reading this page and you found it on a Google search than you can save yourself a lot of money buying bogus “Niche Edits” which are most likely hacked websites. If I can outrank them with little effort when their entire business depends on selling Niche edits to naive SEOs than obviously they are nothing but scam artist.

On a more serious note a couple years back I bought into the hype. Ended up spending several thousands of dollars of these edits. They ended up being nothing more than someone hacking old sites and hiding the links in the text. I have also seen people just restoring old websites and putting links on some of the pages claiming there is real outreach going on. Regardless Google is catching on and will penalize your websites for using these black hat methods. So safe yourself some time and some money and avoid these scams.