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For nearly eight years, The University of Virginia’s College at Wise has had the privilege of managing the Southwest Virginia Technology Development Center.  As of June 30, 2015, UVa-Wise will no longer operate the SVTDC. However, UVa-Wise will focus efforts on supporting the region’s economic development initiatives and serve employers through customized and open enrollment programs offered in Abingdon, Wise and other locations throughout the area.  We stand ready to assist the region’s employers with customized training programs as they work to continuously enhance the skill level of their employees.
UVa-Wise has enjoyed serving Southwest Virginia’s citizens and employers via the SVTDC and we will continue our strong relationships not only in Russell County, but in the broader region.  
Should you have a customized training need or any questions, please contact Becki Joyce at 276.889.8182. – See more under Recent News.

Internet Business Mastery Academy Advantages

Internet marketing is giving a huge scope for every single activity on this planet. WWW has revolutionized out lives and millions of people are using it as a part of their business. Online businesses have gone trendy and people are excited to find the ways to make a successful online venture. It requires many aspects, such as commitment, resources, attitude and right approach to follow for making your online business successful. If you have these attributes, it would be great to make decision for starting a good business lead with internet.

Little investment

You don’t need a huge sum of money in your pocket and searching for the learning opportunities. There are a lot of academics offering training courses for the people having lower budget. Start doing your research online before even investing a little.


The students can ask questions, hang out or share experiences with the internet community. You can have the best benefits by getting better scope for sharing your ideas. There are many experiences you can check out to get full benefits.

Internet Business Mastery Academy Advantages

Customer services

There are technical issues involved with internet marketing services. The customer and support services should be answerable to every call or email. The ideal business academy responds very quickly to every query and tries the customer services before making any decision.

Appropriate education

The most important feature is the appropriate quality education. You can check out various forums and find out the generalized thoughts about their education. You can try out the services and features for free. The honest and respected relations can be established with the students.

You can take a quick recap for getting the best internet business mastery academy by investing a little and getting all you need to understand about the business. You can make an informed decision by seeking at these four points.